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Thread: Gezz what are you guys doing .....?

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    Default Re: Gezz what are you guys doing .....?

    Quote Originally Posted by seii7 View Post
    And you are possibly gonna involve dollar and cents from clubsnap street and candid portal, what a shame.
    explain that. Explain how the CS sponsors would not want new members here? ...Explain it, explain what you said.
    You just said its a hobby, then why not lump all the threads together. By the way I'm a paid street photographer. I get paid and its now my primary income so explain hobby again ...just for me.

    Orion, here they come and I notice you are not correcting them, not your responsibility is it ...not your forum.

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    Default Re: Gezz what are you guys doing .....?

    Orion has asked that his reply be included as the thread was closed before he could post

    Quote Originally Posted by 9V-Orion Images
    Quote Originally Posted by oneANT View Post
    Why on earth did you pick street and candid and even if as someone suggested it is modified to documentary, the aircraft still wont fit. You are forcing a definition where it doesn't belong and forcing it as a matter of hiding an error (your error) in the first place. I still cannot fathom why you picked this forum and now wish that I had stayed around back then in 2010.
    Excuse me, mate! I or any other aviation enthusiasts for the matter of fact have not been forcing anything on anyone, whereas you yourself has been doing exactly that and is the only one here forcing and imposing your personal definition, ideas and views of street and candids even going to the extent of decrying what the London Festival of Photography (LFPH) wrote and editing Wikipedia article on the topic.

    The OP / TS even admitted that here may not be the most appropriate place for an aviation thread but neither are other gallery sub-forums as well and even apologise for it. So what else more do you want, mate?

    Crikey! Jeeze, mate.
    Moving thread to Kopitiam as its a discussion and no images are being shared

    If you want the thread unlocked for further discussion please PM me thanks
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close

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