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Thread: Taxi driver recounts tales of casino gamblers

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    Default Taxi driver recounts tales of casino gamblers

    Worth a read.

    10 tales from taxi passengers to and fro Singapore casinos

    Do you have friends who try to convince you to go with them to a MLY casino (where else?).

    Their opening persuaion is always that "the hotel room is free because can use their gambling points from previous trips"

    Your friends are not necessarily evil. They may be nice people who genuinely like your company and thus invite you along.

    However, you have to know yourself i.e. your own strengths and weaknesses.

    Some people e.g. your friends, can walk away from the casino table and limit their losses. You may not be able to do so.

    Some people e.g. your friends, can control themselves to a few visits per year to a casino. You may not be able to do so.

    Which means you develop an addiction to gambling, going to the casino every week.

    Then it becomes a downward spiral until you are bankrupted by gambling losses.

    Sit still and think through it carefully for a long time, why your friends invite you to go for casino junkets.

    What is their motivation? What will happen to you?

    If you still cannot figure it out, sit still again in a quiet room and THINK.

    Remember this takeaway phrase:
    Casinos are not afraid that you win. Casinos are afraid that you don't go to their premises.
    As long as you keep going back, you will eventually lose all that you have to the casino.
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    Default Re: Taxi driver recounts tales of casino gamblers

    2 things i can infer from this article.

    the author is trying to say that we should not start gambling. and to help others stop gambling too, and not be their enablers.


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