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Thread: Lightroom 5 Beta Presets For The New Radial Filter

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    Yesterday Adobe released the free public beta of Lightroom 5. Over at NAPP, Scott Kelby and I did an entire launch site with videos, links and tips that show you all the new stuff in Lightroom 5.
    Well, one of my favorite new features is the new Radial Filter. It’s a new great way to draw attention to certain parts of your photo without using the Post Crop Vignette in the Effects panel. Plus, it lets you control exactly which part of the photo you show off (the vignette doesn’t give you that control).
    The other really cool part about the Radial Filter is that it let’s you save the settings as a Develop Module preset. And because I’m a preset junkie, I decided to make my own presets that use the filter in different parts of the photo (with different strength settings). So basically, you’ll see presets that put focus on the upper right, left or lower right or left parts of the photo. And each preset comes with 3 different strength settings that let you control just how dark the rest of the photo gets (Light, Medium, Strong).
    Here’s a few samples. You really have to try the presets out though, since they don’t show up as well when the images are small.

    Hope you enjoy. Have a good one!


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