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Thread: INTERMEZZO: getting the most from your Digital Camera

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    Talking INTERMEZZO: getting the most from your Digital Camera

    In the rainy days I did some experiment to maximize my digital camera usage other than for just taking picture as usual.
    Below are some that I found (I use Canon PowerShot A80 and EOS 20D) and I would like to share with you here:

    Measuring Distance. Actually Some Canon lenses are able to tell distance, either shown on the lens distance information window or shown on the JPG's EXIF. Great to tell how tall is the HDB block accross the road (tips: use Pythagoras theorem).

    Mirror. It is obvious that A80's LCD and some other prosumer cams can be rotated 180deg. Ideal to assist you putting more lipstick when no mirror is available.

    Time telling. Let's just make arbitrary shoot and review it, the timestamp information will tell the time few seconds ago.

    Stopwatch. You may shoot at the start and stop of an event, review the pictures and examine the timestamps. The duration of that event can be exactly found by substracting the time of second picture by the time of the first one.

    Torch. Prepare a white sheet, shoot it with proper white balance and keep it in your memory card. Whenever needed, review the picture, hold your camera on the lens so the LCD facing forward and ready to be a torch. A 135mm prime lens give the best grip so far.

    Blinking torch. Photograph a blank sheet same as above but overexposed it on purpose. The OE parts will be shown blinking on the LCD. You may want to shoot on yellow sheet to make the blinking more attractive.

    Address book / directory. OK, go ahead to shoot on every page of phone book, Yellow Pages or Merriam-Webster dictionary. Use macro lens for best result. You'll need memory card with huge capacity.

    Background music / sound effect. Find a prosumer camera that able to record video and sounds. Keep some recordings of various situations such as airport, train station, shopping mall, etc. Playback near your phone when calling your date telling them you'll be late for some reason (while actually you're still busy browsing Buy & Sell forum here).

    Hypnotizing tool. It takes mental preparation. Hold your camera strap on one hand, let it hang and swings in front of your victim. Don't forget to spell the magic word: "Big Mac!". The victim will then serve you Big Mac. (Latest finding: only work for some McDonald's auntie-auntie at selected outlets).

    Mosquito Repellent. Not an impossible task at all. Remove the battery from camera, put a mosquito on the camera body and 'hantam' with the battery while screaming on top of your voice. Repeat with the next mosquito. Those mosquitos will not be able to disturb you anymore, guaranteed!

    Door stopper. Enough said.

    PS: Feel free to add.

    (obviously I'm not in the mood of photographing anything but want to keep myself in photography)
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    Yeah.. just found one more idea:

    Electric Toothbrush. Attache a toothbrush to you lens' front part using rubber band. Fog the lens, set to AF. Put the toothbrush into your mouth, half press the shutter. The lens will keep moving the brush up and down as long as it doesn't get focus.
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    Does it work with other brands too?

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    LOLX, creative stuff man!
    shall brainstorm to add somemore...

    anyway, i think this should go into the kopitam thread... hehe

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    Thanks for the comments, feel free to move this thread anywhere it should fit.

    Some more boring cloudy days may leads to more ideas
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    Some simple ones:

    - Paperweight, or dumbbell, the pro bodies excel at it.

    - Allows you to enter to event such as wedding without permission or authorisation as long as you hang it on your neck, and stand right in the most obstrusive and intrusive place without anyone questioning you, again the pro bodies and the long lenses excel at it.

    - When you can't muster enough courage to commit suicide by jumping from a tall building, throw the camera down first and it will become easier for you to follow. But do PM me first when you want to do so, In return I can help you to call ambulance and police, and also, to catch your camera. (parental guidance is advised, I will not be responsible for any harm caused)

    - Lenses can serve as magnifying glass.
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    Too long, so continued here:

    - Fill up your dry cabinet, so that there is less air inside, thus more efficient humidity control is acheived, achieving the aim of protecting the smaller sized and cheaper equipments. Again the expensive pro bodies and the long lenses excel at it.

    - When you are attacked by a flock of owls (will this ever happen?), you can use the flash to blind them and thus save yourself.

    - Flash can provide wonderful element of surprises, especially when people see flash directed at them in the midst of business in public toilet (big or small), they will surely be wonderfully surprised. (do at your own risk, I will not be responsible for the any negative response caused)

    That's all for this time.
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    Dumbbell..... good idea Daniel...
    for me Casio Exilim works best!

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