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Thread: Report on Chobi Mela III -- A bit Late

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    Default Report on Chobi Mela III -- A bit Late

    I'm sorry this report has come a bit late. Please follow the link to the page where my articcle has been published.

    Chobi Mela III is one of the most important photo festival to take place in the majority world. We, as Singaporeans, apart from blindly saying that Japan is the capital of photography in Asia, can learn a lot from Chobi Mela.


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    Nice article, star69.

    It's better to be late than never.
    War is one of the most regrettable human activities.

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    Default follow the link

    For a sample of the exhibited works, please go to


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    Hey man are you back here? Liked your Last Harbor site... do give us more updates!

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    Default Last Harbour updates

    Yeah, I'm back till the end of the month. Pass the word around. I'm in process of consolidating my mailing list. If anyone is interested, just drop me an email so that I can add you to the list. Meanwhile, please visit:

    So Conan, how are you? Are you in Philippines? I'm sad to learn of the bombings during valentine.

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    Nah... I'm here in sunny Singapore Was in the Philippines during the V-day bombings though - specifically in the Mindanao area...

    Will be going out again soon - hey we should meet up again!


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