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Thread: Film found, please share to find the owner

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    Default Film found, please share to find the owner

    This morning, around 10:30am I found a film along Ubi Road 2, in front of Vertex building. The film is a Fuji S-200 colour film, processed, cut into stripes and put into transparent film holder. The film contains pictures about office interior documenting the current specific state that only the owner will know. One picture shows the door with a sign 'Investment Support'.
    I hope I can find the owner here, not many people shooting film these days. Please share and contact me via PM. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Film found, please share to find the owner

    May be a good idea to hang a note board near where you found the film and leave a contact cos the owner may be traking back to look for it. Or tell the guard@vertex to direct the person to you if he/she make enquiry while looking for the missing item


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