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Thread: How to shoot aluminum pipe?

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    Default How to shoot aluminum pipe?

    I am taking some photo shoots on aluminum pipe about 400mm in diameter. I will be taking external & internal surface of the pipe. I am using D70 with SB800 in indoor. I am taking the defects of the pipe so close up will be good. I have 2 questions here :

    1) Which will be the most suitable lens, 18-70mm, 28-105mm, 70-210mm-non D?

    2) Aluminum being reflective, is using bounce flash a good method to get enough light to show details and yet not too bright to cause reflection or glare?

    Please advise. Thanks.

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    this is one case where P&S wins a DSLR
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    don't use flash lah. dslr still better lah.

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    depends what type of damage is on the aluminium pipe.. if its dented, den some angle u use flash make it seem flat, or when u shoot without flash, the dent is not visible... since its 400mm its still easy to rotate, btw how long is the pipe?

    i think 400mm 1, use 28-105, most likely u will use the 50mm range... maybe abit wider...
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