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Thread: Flash light refresh rate

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    Default Flash light refresh rate

    Is there a way to replace the capacity inside with a bigger one ?
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    Default Re: Flash light refresh rate

    you can try...

    but it will much simple just to get a more powerful flash to shoot at a lower power to get faster recycle time.

    or get a high power external battery pack.
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    Default Re: Flash light refresh rate

    recycle time can be shortened when you use a set of batteries with higher capacity.

    alternatively, as catchlights said, use an external battery pack. From personal experience, external battery packs do shorten the recycle time by quite a bit.

    i do have an external battery pack for nikon that i'm letting go..
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    Do you mean the capacitor?
    Don't screw around with the inside of flashes (small ones or studio strobes) unless you know what you're doing. Capacitors are electrochemical devices, and they can explode if you mess something up. I worked with electronics years ago, and a small capacitor (smaller than the tip of my little finger) exploded and created a small hole in the formica worktop before narrowly missing my colleague and myself.
    Also, there are high voltages in there to trigger the flash tube -- you could accidentally taser yourself.

    BTW increasing the main capacitor (higher capacitance) would increase the max power of the flash, but recycling time would not really be reduced - in fact it would go up.

    If you're using alkalines, switch to NiMH batteries. If you're already using those, then perhaps the external battery packs suggested by others. Just be wary of machine-gunning and melting your flash.
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    Get a proper strobe. It will be cheaper in the long run that to rely on speedlites.


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