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Thread: How to achieve a dreamy wash out effect for photos?

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    Default How to achieve a dreamy wash out effect for photos?

    Dear Clubsnap users, i am relatively new to photography and have seen many beautiful and dreamy looking portraits of models and wedding photographs, may i ask how do i achieve these photos? what lens and cross processing tools do you use? and does anyone have any recommendation for photo editing software that is not photoshop? and also how do i achieve lens flare in my photographs? thank yoU!

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    Please check out the digital darkroom section. Many many links, stickies, tutorials, alternate software, etc, mentioned there.

    Fyi: no particular lens, use the one you are familiar with. Soft filter effects, desaturation, etc, are very easy to use. Many tutorials out there too.

    Don't be afraid to search on YouTube. Lots and lots and lots of examples....

    And stay away from fake lens flare. It always really looks bad and cheapens an image.
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