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Thread: Dry box or cabinet

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    Default Dry box or cabinet

    Thinking of getting a dry cabinet about 30-40-50l range.
    Any tips or recommendations ?
    Price range ?

    In the meantime selicagel in a tupperware container


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    Roughly $80 to $270 range for those brands available here.

    Non pro version - cheaper and cannot control the exact humidity level. Agar agar setting - depending on the weather and your rate of opening the cabinet, the level fluctuates over a small range. For camera, it is not a problem.
    Pro version - can control to the exact level. Not necessary for cameras to be exact but psychologically pleasing if you have another $100 to throw.

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    The normal "Biggies" are in town ( CP , AP , etc ...)
    while MS Color is in Toa Payoh ,
    Anybody in the EAST ?



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