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Thread: cannot or not allowed to upload?

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    Unhappy cannot or not allowed to upload?

    eh. sorry if I offend the moderators... Just a question,

    Is there a limit to the number of pictures I can upload even if my space allocated is ample?

    I cannot or cannot 'see' any upload option.

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    hmmm? ... go here -

    read that ... u need to create a gallery account (i think) before u can upload ...

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    i have an account. posted several pics. suddenly, i dun see the upload option anymore..

    kena banned ah? is it?

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    err .. posted several pic liao ... kenna ban? .. dunno .. but try posting from outside CS? or did u forget to log into your gallery account to upload?

    (your cannot post = cannot upload into gallery? or linking not working?)

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    thanks all for the concern. now can already. hee hee

    Maybe my pics too ugly... so ban me.. for a while. joke joke ah!
    no offense hee hee


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