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Thread: Why camera price increase when yen going down ?

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    Default Re: Why camera price increase when yen going down ?

    If the drive Yen down plan fails, it is disastrous for Japan drop into a deep hole.
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    Default Re: Why camera price increase when yen going down ?

    so sad. someone who can only feel good about themselves by denigrating others. that shows how small they really are.

    to all the other forumers, i posed this question as like many, we do hope for prices to fall so our hobby can be more affordable. as the SGD strengthens, our imports should be cheaper and infact that is one of the ways that MAS employs to keep inflation under control in SG. A recent report shows that MAS intend to keep SGD strong against US, Yen and other currencies. eg. USD:SGD is forecasted to go to 1.2 by year end. but other factors come into play such as imports may be in USD or old stock were imported at previous higher prices. finally there is always what the market is willing to pay and retailers will strive to maximise their profit. I have learnt a lot from the many constructive input of many wiser forummers bar 1. I hope others have found it useful too.

    and I am going to close this thread as I believe what needs to be said has been said and I do not want to engage in mudslinging with certain elements which serves to benefit no one. Have a nice day and do enjoy the Tokyo Motor Show at MBS this weekend

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    Then you just proved that you should never have passed your course and your MBA is basically toilet paper.

    Hint: I don't think too much of myself. I just think too little of you. And to people like you who are only capable of oversimplistic thoughts, anything that requires thinking is "a waste of time".

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