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Thread: pervert everywhere

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    Default Unfair? Double standards?

    Quote Originally Posted by mattlock
    why are guys considered "perverts" if they take pictures of pretty girls? do you automatically assume that the picture is going to be used for him to get off later on? so a girl taking a picture of a cute guy should be called a pervert too right?
    This is a very good point raised.

    In Singapore, by just looking at girls, without ogling, men have often been quickly, unfairly and mercilessly labelled as "perverts".

    I don't know if anyone here has realised that if the "culprit" was a not-so-good-looking guy or an elderly man, the descriptive "pervert" or "chikopek" (dirty old man) launches out faster than a SAM (surface to air missile). If the "culprit" was a delectable male to the woman's eyes, then he's spared and maybe even reciprocated.

    It appears that this tends to happen more with S'pore women, as if the word "pervert" is all they can use to describe any guy who looks at them without their approval. In my opinion, S'pore women are very uptight, and refuse to accept that it's only natural that men will look at them.

    I can't describe this well in written text but I will try. Western women appear to be more accepting of men looking at them. Even if comments were passed about a her shape or size (such as nice bust or bottom), they tend to take it as a compliment or laugh it off. From the way I see it, this is acceptance that men do, and will, look at them.

    Besides, women also look and admire men for their physical appearance and proportions. According to psychological studies, women even look at men's behinds and crotches, sometimes imagining what they can't see hidden under his clothes.

    We, men, could also call women "perverts". It's fair yea?

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    Default Singaporeans are too uptight and conservative

    Quote Originally Posted by Wisp
    If you think singaporeans are rather conservative, try going to the US or australia and pop a frame at them any day. The westerners (esp australians ) DISLIKE such activities because they are strong believers in their own privacy (An issue like identity cards would cause an uproar..)

    That's strange. I haven't seen any Aussies covering their faces with their hands when I shoot pictures on the street. However, I see concerned expressions on Singaporean faces when I do the same in S'pore.

    Moreover, when I approach Caucasian Aussies on the street for photos, at least 8 out of 10 (I would actually say 9 out of 10) agreed. Some even cooperate by slowing down to let you shoot the image, or come up to you and ask that you take their pictures! This is not some hogwash statistic/story because I have done/experienced it!

    I don't get such response from Asians in Australia or Singaporeans.

    Yes, there are laws (a Privacy Act) in Australia to protect privacy but it's there to help people protect themselves from abuse. Not everybody on the street is going to tell a photographer off by quoting the law and say "get lost or I'll smash your camera". However, I can't say that I got such friendly response from Singaporeans.

    I don't agree that identity cards will cause an uproar. Aussies use and carry a driver's licence which acts as their identity card showing date of birth and address. I'm sure it's similar in US. Understand that these countries are so big, and cars are so cheap, almost everyone owns a car, even someone as young as 19 or 20 years old. Seriously, they may not own a computer with top-end printer, or a 33" TV, but they own a car.

    If Americans/Aussies don't carry a driver's licence, they may carry some other kind of nationally recognised/issued photo ID, such as a social/medical welfare card or proof-of-age card.

    The uproar you mentioned sounds like the security measures due to Sep 11 attacks. It's only true to some extent that privacy may be violated because Americans & Aussies already walk around carrying some form of ID, maybe not as complete as our NRIC. Besides, some see our NRIC like "cattle tagging", a more dignified version of a dog-tag, and they don't like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainman
    Can let us see how u look like?

    I think the good part is u r very attractive to guys... We all like beautiful things isn't it so?
    cannot lar, i not celebrity mah. there r so many handsomes & beauties in s'pore oso. mayb i tt day 'unlucky' ?

    pot calling de kettle black?...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jemapela
    If you want to look at this matter in a very strict and rigid sense, every man with a camera pointing at a woman can be classified as a pervert, including all ClubSnap members, and myself not excluded...
    Oh no...
    I snap old 60s+ women & girls as young as 3! I think I'm worse than a pervert?

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