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Thread: Recommended travel chargers?

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    Default Recommended travel chargers?

    Can anyone recommend an AA charger that is light enough to carry during travelling, and doesn't come with a huge brick for a power adaptor?

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    check out the sanyo chargers. go east gear, they have a whole lot of chargers there

    east gear is located at Peninsula Plaze 2nd level

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    Maha C401FS from Eastgear. That's the one I'd recommend, though a lighter alternative is one that they don't seem to sell anymore, one that's sourced from Taiwan. The latter has a foldable US-style twin prong on the unit itself, that can be plugged into any bathroom shaver point.

    I have both, and they work well ... haven't "cooked" any of my batteries yet.

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    Did eastgear ever stock this one?

    The 401 also seems to use a brick power supply.

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    Go and have a look ... the "brick" power supply of the C401FS is surprisingly small and light. However, I think it only comes in the 2-round-pin configuration, so you may need an adapter with you when travelling (or fall back on the standard shaver outlets in hotels).

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    Nope EG doesn't stock the 204W. They do have in fact many other compact ones for travelling uses. Get a cheap one that does the job will do if you have a main charger at home.


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