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Thread: I need your help. IT expert.

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    Unhappy I need your help. IT expert.

    I am having some problem with my Norton personal firewall. My PC is running on Win 2k, both Norton AntiVrus and Norton Personal Firewall installed, and auto protect turned on. But today when I start up my PC I noticed that my firewall didn't turn on, even when I double click on the icon also could not start the firewall.

    My questions is: is it because some hacker has visited my PC and planted something on my PC to prevent the firewall from starting up? I have took a look at window and system32 directory but could not find any fishy file over there. When I opened Windows Task Manager, I saw one of the processes, REGFILTER.EXE, is taking up 99% of my CPU time.

    Does anyone out there have any solution to my problem. Thanks.

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    Yoz, Perhaps this could help you... Solution


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    Thanks zapline.

    Will try it later.


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