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    Dear all,

    I have a picture taken with two different format- one on jpeg and the other on raw. I did the same enhancement on both of them (crop at the same place, adjust the same temp, exposure and sharpness).

    And i noticed that the file size drop significantly for the raw (from 6.3 mb to 2.1mb) but the jpeg drop only from 2.1mb to 1.8mb. How come the jpeg size drop so little while the raw drop so much huh???

    Thk u very much in advance

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    that is because the jpeg file was already compressed while the raw files was not.
    do note that everytime you save a jpeg file you will lose some data, jpeg compression is a lossy compression.

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    so for ppl like me who like to edit pix, shd we then shoot more in raw?

    thk u


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