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Thread: Need advise on location singapore

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    Default Need advise on location singapore

    Hi Guys, any one can help me advise that where i can do this type street fashion shoot in a week day morning about 7 to 10 am timing? sg streets are always bz. any advise guys? or i just need a office type building in the background. helps are much appreciated. thx

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    when major public holidays like New Year day, Chinese New Year, National Day, and Christmas are fall on weekday, nobody is working, the street should have very little people.

    alternatively you can use ND400 or B+W 110 filter, but you won't get long enough exposure to blur human traffic since is under broad day light.

    hope this help.
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    Go to CBD on Sunday early morning. Very quiet road.

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    Judging by the length of the shadow, maybe should try starting around 6:30. Sunrise in SG is about 6:50-7:00. CBD/MBS area should still be quite empty.

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    Those shots only show a small sliver of road. Just time it with the red lights.


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