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    In yesterday's news, a lawyer interviewed said that if you fly a quadcopter and take pictures or video over a private property then you are trespassing. So this toy is a no-no? Anyone tried?

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    If you go by what lawyers say almost everything is a no no. Remember for every lawyer than wins a case in court there is one who lost a case. Put a bunch of lawyers in a room and they will agree to disagree. Law is not black and white, many circumstances come into play in real life. What are u doing with the images or videos, how it is shown, whom it is shown and so all and whether you profit from doing it all are determining factors. Meanwhile lots of folks are having good fun enjoying their hobbies and learning more about stuff and what's going on around them. I say just chill bro.
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    Its just as bad as pointing a camera in someone's face isnt it?

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