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    Hi, I'm not sure if I should post here for this announcement but decided to since it's quite relevant to model shoots.
    I noticed that some members of CS, organisers or not, expressed help in sourcing for makeup artists. And since I know a number of makeup artists through my modelling experiences, I can share their contacts with you. Some are my friends, some are not. And I'm not here to advertise but to just help both parties.
    Some I know are extremely experienced in the industry and charge more on the high side, while most I know have qualified experience and market pricing for their kind of work.
    I'm sorry I can't placed all their contacts here or all of their work samples due to copyright issues (plus it'll be very troublesome) for you to pick, so pls PM me and we'll take it from there.
    Again, this is not ad and I'm not gaining anything outta this.

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    great for sharing your contacts. thank you.

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    No prob. Thanks. Let me know if you need some.

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    Hi everybody.

    I noticed there were very similar concerns abt the nature of hiring a MUA (Makeup Artist). So I'll just post it up here for your knowledge for convenience.

    1. Charges will vary on how many images (hair and makeup) you want. Some MUA charge on a pkg basis meaning that they'll include hairdo in the price while some charge seperately. So it'll be easier to get a quote if you name the time, date, venue, theme and budget of your shoot.

    2. The standard pricing for one image is ARD $50. It'll then be ARD $100 for two. These are the benchmark quotes from qualified MUAs who graduated from reputable schools or have had enough experience. But nevertheless, not exact.

    3. At the same time, there are also those MUAs who charge very much higher as they have either graduated with better qualifications or have been very recognised in the market.

    4. As for venue wise, you can arrange with the MUA as there is also no hard and fast rule on this. It's whether you want the MUA to stay on site or not. If you want the MUA to stay on at the site, that will incur more costs. If you op not to, you'll only have to pay for their workmanship.

    5.Therefore, the final decisions are usually made between the client and the MUA. Final decisions meaning the pay, job scope, time, venue etc.

    6. I will give the contacts based on your criteriors, theme and budget. Sorry but i can't PM away all their contacts as I'm not qualified to. What i'll do is to inform he/she of the job and the fact that he/she will be liasing with you soon enough to have his/her contacts being passed on. But don't worry, after that, it'll mostly be just you and the MUA.

    7. You can also request for his/her pass work samples/portfolio. I highly recommend that.

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    Good Initiative!
    It is easier to critique than to create ;
    My studio is available for rent

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    Thanks Razor! Btw, thanks for sharing your photos. Been liking them!


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