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Thread: Lu Guang - eyewitness to a changing China

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    Default Lu Guang - eyewitness to a changing China

    MORE IMAGES Lu Guang: eyewitness to a changing China | Greenpeace East Asia

    Photo credits : Lu Guang, Greenpeace)

    Grandmother Holding Sick Child in China
    Feb 14, 2013
    Li Xu (aged 3) in Jinjiling Village Jiahe County, is held by his grandmother. He went to a hospital in Guangzhou in October 2009. Examinations showed that the lead in his blood far exceeded standard. Now he often gets fever and stomach ache. Tengda Metal Recycling Company is located in Jiahe County, Hunan Province. It uses antiquated technology and equipment to smelt lead and zinc. Nearby villages and fields were contaminated. Some villagers have lead in their blood far exceeding the standard. In September 2009, the local government shut down the plant.


    Severe Drought Hit Southern China

    In a normal season, the Degehaizi reservoir has a storage capacity of 1.6 million cubic meters of water. But in 2010 due to the drought it dried up completely. The drought is another chilling reminder of what climate change has in store for the whole globe unless we revolutionize the way we make and use energy.

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    Default Re: Lu Guang - eyewitness to a changing China

    .....I think China should just revert to agricultural economics ..........
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    something similar as well China's Toxic Water - In Focus - The Atlantic
    really messed up.


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