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    Default Flickr!

    Just playing arround with Flickr website for weeks and find it really the best photo album site.

    For those not very web savvy, it does takes awhile to get familiar but it has some of the best function I ever seen. Just incase you haven't know the site, here I recommand.

    Unlimited Space (limitted by 10mb/month uploading for free member), upload via your mobilephone, auto upload to your blog, many...

    My album - kahong @ flickr

    There's one more that I am exploring, not as interesting but allow you to sell your pics in future if you decide to.

    Just some sharing section.

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    actually it's not a good place to host photos. I tried it out last weekend and had lots of ppl on starhub cable complaining they couldnt see anything. My friends in UK and Malaysia said they also couldnt view the pics. I prefer photobucket

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    support local la.

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    Look at the feature, the usability. I want to support local if they gave me what Flickr is doing By sharing, it helps us to understand what can be improve.

    Anyway, as long as the service is suitable for you, they consider good.


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