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Thread: Faking Spot metering

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    Default Faking Spot metering

    I've read in some photography site and found out that you can spot meter even if your slr/dslr doesn't have spot metering functions.
    Only applies for zoom lens though.

    "Note, however, that partial metering is very much like a fat spot meter - you can use it in a similar fashion in many cases. Also, if you have a zoom lens you could zoom in to your metering point, meter with the partial meter, and then zoom out. The result is that you’ll be metering from a small area, just like a real spot meter."

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    1. You need very long focal length to be metering from a small enough area that is comparable to a real spot meter.

    2. The zoom needs to maintain constant max aperture throughout the entire zoom range. If not, you will be metering at a smaller effective aperture when you zoom in.
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