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Thread: What is your first impression of this local photog?

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    Looks totally ok and nothing to gripe about... so far no mention that your friends are unhappy about this... only you. Live and let live la...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lavenderlilz
    He does have rather odd captions like "A perfect wife is one who doesn't expect a perfect husband. - Anonymous" as seen in this example:

    I was going like .... huh?
    speaking from personal experience probably.. anyway titles aside, i don't find anything wrong with the pictures.

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    I'm sure each and every single one of us here has some point of views in regards to this particular series of albums shared by Sehsuan.

    Please feel free to share but lets not make it personal or start with the name calling. What we do or say does reflect on ourselves as well...

    May i please remind everyone to keep things civil please?

    Thank you.
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