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Thread: Pro bono work, what would be your requirements?

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    Default Pro bono work, what would be your requirements?

    I shoot what i want and when i want from any location i want within reason.

    I retain copyright of all photos.

    I will wear my company shirt to the event.

    Usually, only the genuine cases will agree to the conditions. If contract needs to be signed, then its no longer pro bono but comissioned work hence they need to pay.

    Anyone with similar conditions or even better ones?
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    Default Re: Pro bono work, what would be your requirements?

    I generally do pro bono work for 3 reasons.

    1. Supporting Charity
    2. Creating new ideas which is too much risk to try on clients
    3. Part of my marketing campaign

    So basically, It will still be win win situation and of course, without doubt, the copyright goes the creator. I give the clients the value that I am offering, so in the event that they change their mind and don't want me to use the images, they will just pay me for the amount communicated with them.

    However, I am selective on what I want to shoot and I do what I want to create what I have in mind for the last 2 points. For charity, I am flexible. But I do make sure they are genuine.



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    Default Re: Pro bono work, what would be your requirements?

    Pro bono work is making a collaboration work with commercial entity.

    so will need to have mutual understanding and some common ground.

    for what you saying here is basically event works, which I don't find the returns for photographers is tangible, but for them they will get what they want straight away, so is up to you.
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