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Thread: What to look out in a Quick Release system?

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    Default What to look out in a Quick Release system?

    Most tripod and head manufacturers have their own Quick Release System and manfrotto have at least 2 different types.

    All of them can do their basic task of holding the camera down and then releasing them when needed. So what features does one look out for when chooing one of them? Any recommendations?

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    price...more ex$ the better, but provide it match your need.

    stability when it's mounted onto the tripod some extend, manfrotto plates can be shaky, might not be optimum if u are looking for detail and sharp works, like close up. swiss or wimberly type plate would be a better choice...cramp like concrete, but very ex$. .

    my wimberly P5 plate and cramp combo cost me 200+ $ vs a 20$ manfrotto plate...then u also need to get a good tripod head to enjoy the wimberly. again, good tripod mean ex$.

    otherwise for general purpose shot, like landscape or portrait, manfrotto is good enough. dun waste money.


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