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Thread: What to look for in a flash?

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    Default What to look for in a flash?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently considering getting a flash unit for my Canon 20D.
    One of my friends advised me NOT to get Canon flash because they are not 'Auto'.
    He is currently using a Metz flash and that's the brand he recommended me to buy. Maybe even buy his old flash unit from him.
    Just like to ask, what are the things to look for when buying a flash unit and how much does a Metz flash unit cost in comparison to a Canon?

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    What's wrong with not "auto"?
    Canon has ETTL while the older Metz have their "auto" mode. As long as you learn to use, both will be able to perform. Though I think Metz's auto is more consistent for indoor shots

    First of all, what's the budget like?

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    - check if flash 'zoom' to the corresponding focal length as u zoom.
    sounds confusing, rite?
    ok, mount flash on dslr with normal zoom (say 28-135), in ETTL mode, while zoom to 28mm, see if there 28mm appear in the flash lcd. try at different focal length.

    - refresh rate should not be too long.
    fully charged batt can refresh within less than 3s after full blast.

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    what kind of pictures u taking? and whats ur budget would be good to consider when getting a flash...

    i prefer getting a dedicated flash than a 3rd party one, then again, thats just me... =) if ur budget allows, go for the top of the range 580ex~ or the 420ex is a decent starter flash too.

    if buying second hand flash, check for cracks/flash output/contacts clean?/got battery leak?/battery contacts got rusted? etc etc... and test what scud has mentioned. =)


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