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Thread: particles inside new lens acceptable?

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    Default particles inside new lens acceptable?

    Recently indented a new sigma wide lens and upon inspection found >4 big visible particles inside lens elements. Rejected the lens and request another new one.

    Question is, what if the next new lens also have particles inside? Am I being to criticle if I keep rejecting the lens until a particle free lens is given to me?

    I know optically, the image will not be much affected by the particle.

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    happens to my canon 1.8.
    bought from CP,
    no time to check.

    2nd realized there is a big speck inside.
    CP did a 1 to 1 xchange.

    this time round,
    my 2 kids were with me,
    so guy from CP check for me.
    look straight into the lights n say ok.

    sad that i trusted his method.
    reached n used my method n found A LOT OF LITTLE SPECKS!

    now lens with canon for 5 days n still waiting.

    shame on canon n CP in this instance.

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    I think the 50mm f1.8 gets dust in easily. However, I don't think image quality is affected, unless they are really huge!


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