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Thread: help! i accidentally hit the flim rewind button

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    Default help! i accidentally hit the flim rewind button

    after i take only 1 shot , then when i take out the negative all the flim is inside the canister already i turn left , right also cant make the flim lead come out ... what should i do now?

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    go to any photo shop and ask a favour form them. or u can spend $20+/- to get a film picker.

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    The old traditional way ... take a used or unwanted negative ... soak with water and slide into the file canister for a few round of turns .. then PULL OUT. Hopefully the film will come out ... remember the chemical side must be facing down for sliding into ....
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    You may ask any of the CS member who has the film picker to help u to extract the film head this evening SEED

    After u load back the film, leave the lens cap ON the lens, set the camera to Manual mode with the fastest shutter speed and smallest aperture values, and snap 1 shot.
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    cut a small piece of cardboard. the width same as the film canister's opening. stick a small piece of double-sided tape on one end. roll dat end slowly into the film canister. once u feel the tape sticking onto the end of the film, pull it out slowly.
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    thanks to all the advise , but i manage to pull it out with a pin and result in one side of the edge torn , think i dont need the 1st flim anymore coz expose , 2nd maybe expose too and after cutting away the torn part maybe will start at the 3rd or 4th flame?


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