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    hi guys. i am bringing my 350d to genting. any tips to share ?v like moisture...

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    Genting isn't at all bad, your camera shouldn't have any problems unless you run from the the outdoors back to the sauna and then back again.. .
    But if you wanna be super extra careful you can try this (reposted from my reply on another thread):

    Bring a zip loc bag with sufficient silica gel, put the camera in the bag.
    When you reach areas of different temperature, allow the silica gelled bag with the camera to equalize to around the same temperature as the surrounds before taking it out of the bag. This way, you'll prevent the camera from 'sweating'.

    Condensation happens when warm humid air hits a cool surface. Well the air cools upon toughing the surface, it can no longer hold the moisture, and thus the water condenses out from the air onto your camera. With the camera in a silica-gelled ziploc, it helps to keep the humidity low in the bag to reduce condensation. After letting the camera to reach surround temperature, it'll be safe to take out as the surface isn't cool enuff to condense the water in the surroundings.


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