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Thread: some really noobie pics for comments :embrass:

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    Hey thanks for the tips guys~ I suxz big time in PS hahaha so dun really know how to use it to my advantage

    yanyewkay - in this case if I adjust my WB to sunny or shade for a prosumer cam would it help? cheers

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    rebbot, you using digital right? Don't need to worry so much about metering lah. whenever you come across a great pic, just bracket your shots loh. Play around with the ev +- and bracket 2 stops over and under. Later can choose the best of the best. Just remember to bring lots and lots of memory cards!!!

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    yeah just got to know about bracketing will try that out MDZ2 thanks! hehehe this is something i would not find on my ixus cool~

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    Quote Originally Posted by rebbot
    hmmm AReality seriously I dun understand mebbe you can explain abit more? I do like to learn more cheers~
    It looks like the bridge is going to collapse...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Arcanic~
    not sure is it my screen, but ur pics seems kinda under..

    ok, some comments here, (me no pro anyway)

    #1 - not bad, i like how u managed to capture the person at the front to enhance the size of the bridge, quite nicely done. =) your sky is a bit dull imho.

    #2 - not much comment on this, but i would prefer it to be a tighter crop. looks like a normal frame and shoot.

    #3 - i somehow like the way u compose this pic, again, the pic seems a bit under to me.

    1st one quite nice.

    2nd one maybe like wad u'd said liaoz, zoom closer for a tighter crop.

    3rd one maybe da camera meter wrongly? I feel it might be better if u got it at sunset to get the yellow/orange glow and silouette of da bridge instead of bright daylight.

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