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Thread: Recommend tripod <$50

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    Default Recommend tripod <$50

    Can someone recommend me a simple tripod that is <$50? I don't need branded stuff or heavy base or whatever. Just a simple one suitable for my Canon Powershot S30. Quick release and portability is of top priority. (Must not be too big lah)

    Actually bought a Nikon tripod but returned it becoz the bracket is slanted. Any other recommendations?

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    i bought this sakura tripod for $25 from standard photo just next to CP....i find it is raelly worth its value cos it is really stable ,has a quick release triger...can reach a reasonable a bag for you to carry....not bad rite...

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    Slik U6600, $40 @ Cathy Photo @ Pennisula Plaza

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    I find that the U6600 is still too big for my liking. I need something that can fit into my bag easier, probably around the region of 40cm when folded (guess I need a 4 section tripod to make it taller when extended). Is there any good recommendations in this range?


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