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Thread: Can S$450 raise a child in China?

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    Default Re: Can S$450 raise a child in China?

    Women's Charter.
    The amount is not unreasonable.

    Both the man and the woman are at fault. Both are immature idiots.
    The child is victim.

    The man is single and if he wants to be a playboy and the single girl wants to be a playgirl for one night, then it is not illegal.

    They are not legally married as man and wife.

    This is a case where the child is being used like a football in a game of Gotcha between the woman and the man.

    If the man met her once in June 2010, then had sex with her in July 2010 and never saw her again until Oct 2012; then clearly this is not a love relationship.

    He is 46. She is 26. Even if they are forced into a marriage; it will not last.

    He is not Rupert Murdoch. She is a young and pretty Shanghainese. She got to look elsewhere to do a Wendy-Teng redux.
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