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Thread: PowerShot A2600 and Digital IXUS 140

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    Default PowerShot A2600 and Digital IXUS 140

    PowerShot A2600 - $179
    PowerShot A2600 - Canon Singapore - Personal

    Digital IXUS 140 - $299
    Digital IXUS 140 - Canon Singapore - Personal

    Trying to get one for my mum. Between the above two, is the price difference of $120 worth it in your opinion? What are some of the best for value PNS camera nowadays?

    I rmb few years back when I was considering PNS, semi or DSLR. In the PNS category, there's 3 different "best" camera. One of those is photo taking in the night give the best result. Powershot S90? One is the most compact PNS camera at that point of time. One is have the best spec but quite big in size. Lumix? I wonder how much their pricing have drop these days.

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    If your mum has an iphone, or any other decent good camera phones, then it's not worth it to spend that money on such basic compacts.

    I feel that if one wants to buy a compact, should consider those more advanced ones, those with bigger sensors (1/1.7" and above).

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    Nope she doesn't have a phone with decent camera. Her current one is only 2MP. I wanted to get a new phone for her but she told me she is uncomfortable with using my iPhone 4S for taking pictures.

    I was actually trying to search for the one I mentioned that is the most compact PNS camera a few years back but can't remember the exact model. Does anybody have the slightest idea? All 3 are actually different brand and the most expensive at that point of time from what I recalled. Also, where is a good place to try hands-on and buy? Funan? Challenger?
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    PowerShot and IXUS are different in design and the options for setting picture parameters. If your mother is not inclined to tweak settings much then IXUS might be the better choice for her (and also more friendly to a lady's handbag).
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    Yeah, don't just limit your choices for her based on what you've experienced/seen/heard. There's alot of compacts at that price point from different brands that you can consider.

    Not sure about stores in Singapore, but there's this great deal for Olympus XZ-1 at Qoo10 (Gmarket), which I personally think is quite a value-for-money buy.
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    Thanks for all the advise and suggestion! I guess I did got incline toward choosing a camera that I preferred even though it's a gift for my mum

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    Can take a look at Canon Ixus 125 too. Qoo10 has a seller selling this cheap. But warranty I'm not sure. I got one for my daughter from Adorama last dec during the Black Friday sale. US$149 for a 'kit'.


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