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Thread: Nikon D70 workshop at PSS

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    Quote Originally Posted by irage
    Oops, I guess you have not read the workshop agenda when you have signed up? It was supposed to be a D70 workshop.
    Haha, now it is also known as the D70/D70s workshop. Both D70 and D70s users are welcome.

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    Default syllabus

    Hi MissDi,

    Is there a syllabus contents listing that we can see?


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    Highlights of D70s Workshop

    The features of the D70s
    Expectations -- Difference with the Coolpix, advanced features that stand out
    The specifications in brief
    Exposure in brief (Quick into to shutter speed and aperture)
    Using the Program Mode
    Quick intro to P, A, S, M
    Metering settings
    Using the Custom modes
    Survival tips to get good images -- Steven Yee's Workflow for freezing objects
    Setting the ASA and White Balance
    The settings in the menu
    How to hold the camera
    File types, compression and sizes
    Camera maintenance (Leaning the CCD, do's and don'ts, maintenance of CF card )
    What to do if you want to change lenses
    Having that ideal set of equipment

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissDi
    The popular Nikon D70 workshop is conducted by The Photographic Society of Singapore from April 2005 and at that time, the fee charged is $5 (rate based on previous organiser) since that was the old rate being charged. When we took over the workshop, we did a whole revamp of the syllabus. The number of participants have also been limited to 20 per class (down from 40 to 50 as per the previous organiser) as we find it not feasible to have too big a group. We bite the bullet without changing the fee and we agreed that the fee will be set at $20 when the D70s is launched.

    This workshop, with the revised syllabus since April, not just cover the essential feature of the D70/D70s, it also cover a crash course in basic photography. Todate, more than 200 participants have enjoyed the workshop with good review.

    This workshop has never been free of charge. In fact, it is value for money even at $20 per head, as the instructor condense 3 lessons (worth $36) of the Society's Basic Photography course into the 3 hour workshop (only $20).

    Our main objective is to ensure that the participants come in and walk out of the class, a different photographer, which has been the case so far. The courses we conduct are usually not free as we have our standard and quality to uphold, and this usually come at a price as we have to source for the good instructors. This is for the benefit for the participants.

    Hope this clarify.
    That's sounds fair... As long as value for money.

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