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Thread: Waiting for Nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by NormanSelvaraju View Post
    Octarine>>> thank you for the suggestion. I must try to remember that. Now that you mention it, it would certainly help with learning how to frame.
    Right now, I'm still a little shy about being caught by the subject. So it's just a couple of snaps from the angle I first see the said subject. Haha. But yeah, I shall work past that and explore more.
    In such cases I try to appear looking at the background, ignoring the person. Gives them the feeling that they are rather accidentally in the frame. That increases the chance that they stay there and ignore me as well. Otherwise it won't be a candid pic anymore.
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    Spot metering is quite useful if you have a clear "target" in your photo shooting.
    And yeah, there is no notification from your reply.

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    Octarine>>>. Haha. Nice trick! Thanks for the tip. Shall try that. Cos nowadays, what I do is:
    -Take picture of subject.
    -If subject reacts, look at my Carrara and shake my head (giving the impression that I am disappointed with the shot)
    -then recompose the shot with the subject quite off-centre
    -when subject thinks I am not framing him or her in my shot, I quickly recompose on the subject and snap!

    Haha. I do as much acting as photo-taking when I am out with my camera.

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    Robinlxz>>>> thanks for the tip! Shall keep it in mind!

    As for the lack of notification, I really can't figure it out.

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