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    I would like to find out where I can obtain or purchase photographs or posters of various ethnic costumes of Asia. The pictures should preferably be full-length photos. I need them for a project and I need clear photos which I would like to enlarge to poster size. Therefore, I cannot just take pictures from the Internet which would probably come out blurry if I enlarge them.

    I assume that the musuems would probably have good pictures but it is unlikely that the photos can be loaned out to public.

    I would really appreciate any advice regarding this.

    Thank you.

    (Sorry, this was x-posted in another forum. My apologies if this is not allowed)

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    You can try walking around chinatown for some chinese and nonya costumes. There is some sort of heritage centre near china NEL station. See if they have any to loan you.

    FYI, you cannot just take any pictures off the net even if they were big enough. You need to ask for permission and give credits to the owner if you intend to you use.

    You can try to ask the owners of the pictures where they got it and trace to the source. Just a suggestion hope it helps.
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    could search They have archive of photo. And those photo
    are available for purchase.

    Hope it helps.


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