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Thread: just got my Spyder - got a question or two

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    Default just got my Spyder - got a question or two

    Hi guys
    just got my first screen calibrating device, the Spyder4Pro. I think it worked great (on my macbook pro 13" non-retina), and I definitely see differences in my photos (color ones still look great, but had to re-edit some of my b/w ones!) but i noticed something strange when watching a TV series on VLC player. i noticed that the BLACK clothes that people wear on the video look PURPLE!

    i'm just wondering if this is something wrong with my calibration? i re-calibrated after i noticed this problem - and i followed the instructions both times i.e. warmed up the display for over an hour, did it a fairly dark room with no direct light, and yeah.. everything looks fine. i've even watched some other videos on VLC that looked fine, but this one TV series (a DVD that i ripped, mp4 format) on VLC makes the black clothes look purple!

    i even took some pictures of black clothes of my own, and put them on my screen to check out if it looks purple, but no...still black. so i guess it's not really a problem, but i do use this macbook for movies too, so yeah.. anyone had similar experience? any idea what i could do?

    im going to put the same TV series on my ipad to make sure that these clothes actually look black - but im sure that they do. let me know if anyone can help or advice or anything at all! if this is the wrong place to post, please move! thanks
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    Default Re: just got my Spyder - got a question or two

    Maybe they are wearing purple.

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    Default Re: just got my Spyder - got a question or two

    nope, just confirmed by checking on my TV and also on my iPad (although those are not calibrated) that it should be black.

    anyway, after a third calibration, it seems to have fixed it. sorry if this thread has been meaningless, but i did get quite worried! i hope it doesnt ever revert back to showing purple again!
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