I got most of the day plans figured out, but what i need now is wat and where to shoot/explore in the following cities at night/sunrise until i meet up with frens in Kyoto

1) Osaka
Should get there after 3 taking Shinkansen from Tokyo (Im shopping in Akihabara first). I will probably spend 6-8 in Den Den town but any thing to do after that? Im looking for interesting street life/lights/night scenes/landscapes. Oh ya, where's the best top view of the city? Anywhere to take sunrise/sunset for osaka or should i run for himeji the first thing in the morning?

2) Hiroshima / Miyajima
Ill get here from himeji and stay overnight in miyajima to hike the mountain in the morning and shoot the famous monument (the funny arch thing) for sunrise or sunset i hope. Any other ideas? Probably run off to kyoto after lunch.

3) Kyoto
Should be near 3-5 by the time i reach here. Thinking of going Gion / Pontocho to shoot Geishas / street life. Not sure i wanna chiong to catch the Geisha Cherry Blossum performance or juz go ard like a stalker for those rushing to walk. Any other ideas? How abt tall places?

Should be bringing a 16-45/4, 50/1.4 or 28/2 and a 1.7x TC. Thinking of bringing a fisheye for exergerated landscapes but I dun wanna exceed 2Kg for camera/lenses and minitripod. After my last experience bringing a 1.5+ tripod kg all over Tokyo, i think ill rather take my chances finding a rubbish bin to put the mini-tripod on or use high ISOs and brace myself.