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Thread: Worthwhile to switch cameras from C730 to FZ20?

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    Default Worthwhile to switch cameras from C730 to FZ20?

    I'm thinking of doing so for a few reasons:

    Bigger MP

    Manual focusing ring

    Image Stabiliser

    Better quality pictures

    Less chromatic aberration

    Faster response times

    But I'm considering these factors:

    Non standard batteries

    Not much changes, featurewise

    Still as noisy at high ISO

    Any comments please? Although I would like to upgrade to a 350D, I don't really have the budget for a DSLR.

    Should I stick to my C730?

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    The olypmus ultra zoom cameras are a fine set of cameras.
    I also wanted to buy a DSLR but as usual, no buget for it so i settled for the next closest thing, the FZ20. I was considering the olympus C-770 too but the FZ20 had stronger advantages.

    - longer optical zoom
    - longer batt life
    - wonderful LENS
    - image Stabiliser (one of the main factors i bought it)works realli well
    - Fast response times!!!
    - with the supplied lens adapter u can attrach 3rd party filters and lens.
    - can attrach any external flash using the hotshoe
    - AF assist lamp

    Noise is not realli an issue unless u go above iso 200 or 100( for the picky ones)
    With an f 2.8 lens thoughout the whole zoom range, i don't think going above iso 100 is necessary.

    I agree with you that the use of non-standard batteries (AA) is a disappointment. (good thing the FZ20 doesn't have a problem with batt life!)
    If u get third party batts from east gear, it doesnt cost as much as getting a original batt from panasonic. East gear charges $35 for the FZ20 batt, and has a higher capacity too!
    One batt should be enough for normal use, but i always get a spare in case.

    There may not be much changes in the feature set, but they are useful.

    As for the question of whether u should change to a FZ20, hmm......if you ask me, its worthwhile. U wouldn't be disappointed in the camera. But its really all up to you.
    Hope i helped a little.
    Take care.
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    keep what you have and save for a dslr if you want to buy one.
    with this incremental change of camera you will never have the budget to get a dslr.

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    Hmm..that's true. The camera would be a nice little upgrade from the C730 but it would also dent my future budget for a DSLR.

    I guess I'll just hold off for a while and see what happens. If I really really really can't take the kind of photos I need with my C730, then I'll just have to see my choices then.

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