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Thread: Olydak?

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    Default Olydak?

    There's a rumour that 'Olydak' will be annouced at Photokina 2002 during September. It's a DSLR system jointly developed by Kodak and Olympus. Would you abandon your old Nikon/Canon/Minolta system to go for a new system altogether desgined for digital use?
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    the suspense is killing me!

    i hope this is the real thing, i am looking forward to a much improved version of the e-series.

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    yeah been thinking it's so weird oly is sticking to Manual SLR OR fixed lens AF... the new 500 film AF looks nice though...
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    Default prediction about the OLYDAK 4/3" CCD DSLR system

    I guess most of you here have heard of the rumour that OLYMPUS and KODAK are working togather to build a SLR using a Kodak 4/3 inch 5 mp CCD
    Although I still call it a rumour but it is actually a fact that such DLSR will be build and it is just the finer point that are not clear.
    Some says it may come out in this years's Photokina. It will be the brightest new product if olympus can catch it (even if just a vapourware announcement).

    I for one thinks that this format makes a lot of scence. The smaller image circle means faster longer lens can be build for cheaper.

    here's my pridiction of the OLYDAK DSLR system

    (2X "focal lenth multipliyer" so a 25mm lens here has the same angle of view as a 50mm lens on 135 system)

    focal length____ aperture__positioning__ weight__ Price#______________ remark
    20mm-80mm__f/3.5-4.5 come w body 300g__US$200____ 4X zoom equl to 40-160mm
    10mm-22mm__ f/2.4-2.8 wide zoom__ 450g__ US$450______may use as std. zoom
    20mm-55mm__ f/2.4-2.8__ std. zoom____400g__US$400____ light weight
    50mm-150mm f/2.4-2.8__ tele zoom__ 700g__ US$550____=<price of canon 70-200/4.0L
    150mm-300mm f/2.0-2.8__Pro sports__3Kg__ US$4000__bring zoom into pro sports
    45mm________ f/1.4______portrait _ 150g__US$350__ bokah comparable to 135 system
    60mm________ f/2.4______Macro____150g__US$300__ does 2:1 (twice lifesize) @ 6cm

    *150-300mm f/2.0-2.8 will be announced togather with the pro body at a later time
    #Price here is refering to the best street price (grey) after stabilise (some time after intro)

    4/3" CCD is 1/4 the area of 24X36. So the step here is as big as from medium format to 135 and the cost of producing lens should reduce by as much. I believe all these lenses will have a profitability similiar to Canon/Nikon lenses today.


    ____________________________ consumer______________ professional
    CCD Size________________________ 4/3"____________________ 4/3"
    pixel count____________________5MP___________________6MP
    AF speed__________________________=D100 >D60______________ = D1X/D1H
    AF assistant light reach____________ 5m__________________ 10m
    Image formats____________________ JPEG/TIFF________JPEG/TIFF/RAW(14bit)/RAW+JPEG
    selectable color space____________3 x sRGB________ 3 x sRGB/ AdobeRGB/ Lab RGB
    burst rate________________________ 3FPS______________________7FPS
    buffer deep________________________7 f____________________ 25 frames
    ISO speed____________ 100-800 in 1 stop interval__ 100-3200 in 1/3 stop interval
    shutter speeed_______________ 1/2000-16sec,B_________ 1/8000-64sec,B,T
    Flash sync speed__________________1/125sec__________________ 1/500sec
    Exposure Compensation__ +-2EV in 1/2 EV interval______ EV in 1/3 EV interval
    Storage media__________________xD/CF/MicroDrive________ xD/CF/MicroDrive
    Built-in Flash__________________ GN12 meter____________________No
    water/dust resistance_______________No__________________Yes
    PC software provider_______________Olympus________________ Kodak
    connectivity________________________USB2.0________ ______USB2.0/Firewire
    vertical grip___________________optional_____________ build-in
    Battery____________________________ Li-ion________________ 2 X Li-ion
    Weight (inc. battery)________________550g_______________850g
    Street price____________ US$1299 (w/ 28-80 f/35.-4.5)______ US$3500
    availability__________________ 4th quarter 2002________3nd quarter 2003

    The R&D cost will be so high that I can almost safetly say that the sales 1st generation body will not cover up (Olympus do not have a modern SLR system, so it has to research from the ground up). But US$1299 price tag of the consumer body still have some profit margin (R&D aside since it can be reused in he next gen body). Kodak will also be supplying the CCD for quite cheap I guess.

    The US$1299 price tag will be effectively competing with the current crop of 5MP DSLRs like Sony-717, it will of course draw customers away from D100, D60 and S2, esp if they have not heavily invested in one of the system. The optional lenses (expected to be near/match canon L lens quality) are very affordable relatively and I'll be that many ppl will buy the whole set (the 3 pro zoom and portrait lens together only cost as much as a 70-200/2.8 IS).

    For pro reporters the pro body should be enough__ to satisfy them since they are not short of MP or FPS, and smaller size will be welcomed.

    For pro sports shooter the 150mm-300mm f/2.0-2.8 (equl. to 300-600 on 135 system) will be fast enough and long enough for a soccer game, and its always better to have a zoom as long as image quality is acceptable.

    If OLYMPUS & KODAK can make such a system as I predicted here and there is no major flue in the product, I think they can put Canon/Nikon to the position that Nikon have faced when Canon changed from FD to EOS, ie saying we will have 3 DSLR system of choice.

    I'm predicting all this from the Olympus's and Kodak's point (ie to build a complete DSLR system and be profitable)

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    with so many new toys who still cares about the olydak?

    tech-wise oly just need to put gears into their MF lens can liao... put the motor in the body... for a quick R&D coup..

    Olyduck's last chance to get premium mkt share this 2002?
    "I'm... dreaming... of a wide... angle~
    Just like the ones I used to know~"


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