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Thread: High and low key photo?

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    Default High and low key photo?


    Not so sure If I get the above subject right. Any know how to take High Key and Low key photo?

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    I could be wrong... So experts please add on.
    I think low-key-lighting pictures are composed with majority of dark areas but leave the subject properly exposed to show fine details. So I suppose need to spot meter at the selected area OR if using evaluative/matrix metering then need to compensate downwards and try until get it right. Thank god for digital!

    High-key pictures are bright or white all round and leave the subject's darkest areas properly exposed to show details. So probably need to spot meter on selected area OR compensate upwards for evaluative/matrix metering.

    Hope I am not misguiding anyone heheh

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    Thank Benedium. How much upwards or downwards to compensate? Any expert here can give some advise?

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    Yes..It should be. Nice


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