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Thread: Do I need a desktop replacement laptop?

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    Default Do I need a desktop replacement laptop?

    Or can I just get a slim & light or ultraportable laptop to edit photos? Will be using PS, Picture Project and Nikon Capture.

    I don't want to get a desktop replacement giant notebook and can't afford Apple's Powerbook.

    Anybody using thin and light notebook for photography work? Is it good enough to get more RAM and Hardisk space? Any advice?

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    I'm using a notebook(Toshiba), an old one, Pentium-M (800+mhz), 512MB ram, WinXP Pro with a 40GB harddisk for PS, Picture Project and Nikon Capture. So far so good for me. It's all depends how you use it and wat TSR program is loaded. I have turn off 1/2 of the WinXP services which I do not need. By doing so, the performance of my notebook increases.. Hope this help.

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    Half the WinXP services? Like what can I turn off? Can share? I'm not really good with computers... Even my desktop has become so slow nowadays even though I have 700+MB RAM.

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    I learn it from this website

    Just need to spend sometime reading it.

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    Looks like a very useful site I'll try out soon. Thanks Cyberian!


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