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    Hello people, happy new year all. Have you all encountered any problems shooting on location and if any places in Singapore require permits to shoot. I understand that the National museum do require a permit and fee to shoot there. For sharing and discussion.

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    in the first place what are you shooting? for fun? for school? for money?

    many places you can shoot without any problems if you shooting for personal usage. like Garden by the Bay, Botanic Garden etc.

    but when you set up is more elaborate, like with lighting, reflectors etc.. as such will classify as commercial shoot and you required to written permission in advance and may involve some charges.

    so if you shoot for money, than please go thru proper channel.

    for school, please also go thru proper channel.

    for fun, than if you consider play hide and seek with security guards/ rangers also part of the fun than we have noting to say.
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    For leisure, Check with the location before you go just in doubt. Just a common sense really.

    For work purposes, I will let my clients who choose the location to contact the relevant people for clearance. So I stay out of it as my fee isn't include this.



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