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Thread: Optical or Digital viewfinder

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    Default Optical or Digital viewfinder

    Hi Guys,

    I got the LX-7, and am considering on getting the DMW-VF1 (Optical) or the DMW-LVF2 (Digital) viewfinder.

    Just wanna see your insights on the viewfinder, perhaps some of you have had experiences using it.

    What are the pros and cons. I do take a lot of outdoors shots, so will that be an issue for the optical viewfinder (i understand that the good thing about the digital is that in bright lights, it helps)

    Thanks !

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    OVF is for framing purposes..thats all.
    Not sure with panny..but im using a EVF2 for my olympus..really helpful if ur outdoors taking shots.

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    Default Re: Optical or Digital viewfinder

    Buy both.

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    buy the evf.. view what you are taking with info on view finder.
    Lens for life.. Body for depreciation...


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