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Thread: Which of these two system would be better for Photo Editing?

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    for display card, i think speed sometimes is not really very important.

    should pay more attention to accuracy of colour reduction on screen.
    some fast 3D display card not necessarily means they are able to present colors accurately. (that's why so many ppl support mac)

    sometimes, because when the core (chip) running too fast, heat will cause noises increase during the process to change the digital signal to analog output on screen.

    there are display card company simply pust the chip to limit for the sake of getting higher fps score to please the gamers. and result in lost of accuracy in color. but that isnt important to gammer, coz not much ppl would pay attention to the colors in a 3D game, as the way we see photo, right? haha...

    just my opinion...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ortega
    try it yourself, take an image file and view it from both systems.
    I did this like years ago, so I don't really know what the difference is nowadays.
    Let me know the results.

    BTW, I use both platforms.

    Then you should try yourself since you have both systems.

    While there are many factors affecting the reproduction of colours, I do believe that those graphic cards used in Mac are those you see from Nvidia and ATI, no difference less the drivers and quality control in making them. Specs are here and I do not see a great problem if you know what you are doing. But if I am building a system from scratch I would certainly not use a Mac to do graphics, given those ATI and Nvidia cards. I would at least choose a Matrox on any day (like my sister's G400 Matrox card).

    I suppose the other part will be the monitor and software calibration, which I think Apple did a good job on the monitor part. Same thing if I know what I am doing I would get the right monitor and get it calibrated correctly.

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    It does not come down to just the graphic cards, the mac platform is optimized for graphics, since the days of the 486.

    Just like the camera system no one piece can be the deciding factor.
    If i test it out myself and come to a conclusion would you believe me?
    I do not need to convince myself. If you want to know, you have got to
    see it with your own eyes.

    Dont get me wrong, I do not want to convert you.
    It does not benifit me in any way.
    I am just stating my opinion for the benifit of others.
    So use whatever you are comfortable with.


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    i suggest the newer 64bit platform since u said money is no objection. why buy an older/obsolete computer? having more RAMs does help in the image manipulation dept, so if u get 2GB DDR RAM (1GBx2) that runs on dual channel, its way better than the Athlon XP & Rambus ram combo.

    intel is releasing their 64bit in Apr & AMD is already here. buy what u deem is suitable for your needs.

    for image manipulation, i recommend ATI based card. it has smoother/better output for display.

    as to why people think apple computer is better for graphics, well, back in the old days (1983 1st mac), apple was the first commercial PC to give u GUI. hence, they naturally were the first to have imaging software (imagine tweaking your pics in apple DOS or MS DOS!!).

    i m using both platforms & dun think apple gives better colour reproduction. there's a diff which i think its due to the diff in gamma value (apple 1.8, pc 2.2 i think) but not better. i find the image quality especially worse if u use LCD monitor. so whether mac or pc, get a CRT for display. i still recommend pc for more s/w options & a wide h/w range.

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