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Thread: Travel Photography by Hilarion Goh

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    Default Travel Photography by Hilarion Goh

    I will be conducting a talk on Travel Photography on 3 & 10 May 2005. The topics will include:

    How to choose a digital camera
    Art in Travel Photography

    Refreshments will be provided with door gifts and lucky draw.

    Venue: Tanjong Pagar Community Club
    Age Group: 21 - 40 years old
    Course fee: $20.00 for CC members and $23.00 for non-members
    Organised by: Tanjong Pagar CC YEC

    As vacancies are limited, please register early. For more information, please call Mdm Yeo at 6221 9898 between 2pm - 10pm. Alternatively, you can write to Siew Wai Pheng at,

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    Thanks for all the enquiries. The time is 7pm - 9pm. Registration starts from 27th March 2005.

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    Registration starts today. Do enrol soon.


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