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Thread: Any labs that scan negatives with ICE capability?

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    Default Any labs that scan negatives with ICE capability?

    I tried scanning my negatives with a consumer HP scanner and there were plenty of specks in the final jpg. Dunno if it is dust or what. On reading this forum further, I found out about the ICE removal capability of some scanners.

    Do the commercial film labs have this capability? Which one should I send to scan my negatives?

    Attached below is a sample of what I mean (look at the sky). Also, if I scan at the film labs would the color be nicer? The color looks horrible using the HP scanner.

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    You got to check yourself to see if the negative itself got any dust or not. Most of the time it will be degrade of the negative if impropely stored, 2nd being the dust in the scanner or on negative. I suggest going to someone here nickname "Kex" which he has a good $6 per roll negative scan of about 10MP size? Think for the price and the operator himself (Kex here) is worth it compared to other shops, which they do not care about the quality.


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