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Thread: Slideshow/presentation software - any to recommend?

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    Default Slideshow/presentation software equivalent to iPhoto - any to recommend?

    I know iPhoto on the Mac is pretty cool, but don't have the dough to spend on Apple hardware (yet. I hope. ).

    Does anyone have any to recommend on the Windows platform? I've tried Picasa but found it to be a stripped-down version of iPhoto.

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    iPhoto has no equal in Windows? So sad ar?

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    Try Picasa from google.

    This software will allow u to do a simple editing, slide show (with mp3 songs), burn slide show to cd, any many more

    Great software that is free, I read the article in digital times (strait times), they said picasa is similar to iPhoto (I never actually use iPhoto, so I don't know)

    Why don't u give it a try first and let me know.

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    Did try Picasa - I wonder if it is an iPhoto rip-off, because a lot of the scerens look the same!

    However Picasa is a stripped down version of iPhoto, you can't choose transitions, which picture comes at which part of the song, etc. I've also tried trial versions of photo2vcd, photo-to-dvd,, memories2Tv, export to a web-friendly format

    Nevertheless it's a good start, especially if they are building up Picasa to be the Windows version of iPhoto in later versions.

    Hmm looks like I'll have to resort to using Flash for the time being.

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    I've seen somewhere ppl suggested these two:


    I apologize in advance if it's not like iPhoto. coz I havent taken a look at what it can do.

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    Thanks squalle! I'm in fact trying out the trial version of ProShow Gold 2.5 (the photodex link that you showed me). It's not like iPhoto, but is pretty promising! The only thing I think would be lacking for my requirements is the capability to put it out on the web easily without the need for plugins. And it is very expensive, abt USD$70.

    For those who are on the hunt: there is another one Picture-to-Exe which is cheaper, but again, it cannot be put to the web easily.

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    hi.. sorry if I post wrongly... I am also looking for software that can do photo-slideshows... but Idun need to put it online... I currently using pinnacle studio 9 to do them.. but unfortunately.. the resolution of the photo suffers a lot after rendering... so I looking for new software... Like studio 9 becoz it allows me to time my music accordingly... also allows me to choose transitions... will picasa allow me to do these 2 things whilst keeping the resolution up? thanks...

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    A few to recommend

    1.) Arcsoft DvD slideshow 1.0
    2.) Proshow Gold
    3.) Microsoft photo story 3 for windows (FREE!!)

    These 3 are some of the better photoslide shows on the net.
    I have used no. (2) and (3).

    I am impressed by microsoft photo story 3, its very good for pure photo slideshows but does not allow you to add in video files, cannot mixed. It has excellent features. Motion control feature lets offers you complete control over panning and zooming. Text tools are more flexible over preivous versions. Offers plenty of transitions. The best thing i like about this software is that it gives you the ability of generating your own music!!!! And i tell you...its good! No more bothering about copyrights! Whew...
    For a free product.....i must say, this feature set is rare nowadays.
    All in all, its a very captable poduct for photoslide shows.
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    Honestly speaking.. the photo story seems quite gd... dunno whether they are trying to copy iphoto... just like windows movie maker copies imovie... but if that's the case.. I must say that they did a better job with story 3... I haven't tried the music part yet... but the transitions are gd... can also add text... thanks to everyone for helping... hopefully can test out the music soon... cheers!

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    Try Swish. It's not free but there's a trial version and the license costs about US$30 only.

    It's a WYGIWYG Flash file maker. Just download the independent Flash movie player and you're on your way. If you know how to use Premiere's timelines, this will be an absolute breeze.


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