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Thread: joined a course with a reputable school, n

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    pls don't ask for names, ok?
    don't want to wreck pple's rice bowl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KNIGHT ONG
    Hmmm ...

    For color negatives ... you can over-exposed by up to 2-stop and still get pretty good details.

    For color slide . suggest to under by 1/3 to at most 1/2 stop.

    For B&W and digital, it is best to under-exposed than to over-exposed the images ..

    You may not be able to recover the lost details, however you can shift the curve ....
    Har? underexpose it? negative so thin, how to print?

    Anyway, all negatives are better overexpose than underexpose it.

    Quote Originally Posted by student
    Knight, you know I am ignorant on digital. But I think on B&W film, I dare say that even if you overexposed by four stops you will still have a very usable negative. Your printing might require a lot more time, but the details will be there. The lattitude of B& white films goes up to somewhere near "Zone" 14!

    Underexposing a B&W film will lead to poor shadows details. And no amount of "pushing" will help.
    about 13 stops latitudes, who can compete? Anyone want to start shooting B/W?

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    At the end of the day - Know your equiments.

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