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Thread: recommend a waist bag...

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    since i won't be using it more than my dad, i guess buy the off trail 2 for him is better... if for us, those with DSLR type, surely a AW85 is the way to go... i also wanna get that, but its sure an overkill for him to put a F828 & lug around...

    maybe i get a AW85 later... for overseas trip...
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    I think the Photorunner is about S$50 ... bought it more than 4 years ago, so can't remember. I got mine from John 3:16, but IIRC, the price from Cathay was quite similar.

    One thing I don't like about the Photorunner ... the top unzips all the way, and sometimes this is awkward. Hard to explain, you gotta test it out yourself. And for mine, the seams are coming undone for the cover, so I've actually removed the padding and it's just a piece of cloth with zippered sides. Using it for an old camcorder now, will buy something new (perhaps a small shoulder bag) for the times I don't need my photo backpack.

    Having said that, the Photorunner has given me faithful service for all this time without a hiccup. No issues with quality, I attribute to the seams coming apart as wear and tear, after all nothing lasts forever.

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    Hmm..sorry, noob here, where can I get the cheapest Lowepro bags?

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